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What does Asian Business Consultants offer you?

We offer services for Korean and European firms in these areas
Automotive, Steel Manufacturing Machine Manufacturing
Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Precision Measurement
Electronics, Logistics Healthcare
Alternative Energy Consumer Goods

We offer the following types of services
Recruiting Training
Coaching Workshops

We assist Korean and European firms in Germany and Asia

Recruiting executives and experts for your subsidiaries in both, Germany and Korea
Qualifying and training experts through workshops and management trainings
Pre-departure training of personnel sent to Germany

We advise Korean, Indian, and Chinese firms in Europe

Investing in Europe
Selling their European products
Planning a joint venture
Training non-European personnel
Training in European behaviour, language and culture
(e.g. Germany, Korea, Russia JVs, India, China)

Asian Business Consultants
can provide support after you have started work in Asia or Europe

How can you benefit from Asian Business Consultants?

Send us your requirements

We can accommodate your schedule and have a preliminary
discussion to answer your questions (in Korea and Germany)

Our strategy:

We concentrate our energy on problems relating to your Asian or European partners.
When we have identified the problems, we will make you an offer.

A program is tailored to your needs:

We train, advise and look after you and your employees.
We make the necessary contacts with officials, firms,
or persons in the host country.
We keep you regularly updated on our work for you.

Make use of our hot line:

Asian Business Consultants
is a partner you can count on.
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