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Mit wem arbeiten wir zusammen?

Unsere deutschen Kooperationspartner sind:

Unternehmer- & Management-Partner GmbH

Unsere chinesischen Kooperations-Partner sind:

Peking: Mr. Wang Tian Mei, Mr. Zhu Weige

Shanghai: Mr. Xu Wei-Ming

Recruiting & Executive Search China:

Frau Martina Schmid-Lindenmayer

Unsere japanischen Kooperationspartner sind:

ABC Representative Director Japan (Düsseldorf & Tokyo)

Frau Naoko Shimizu-May (Tel. +49-(0)621-418-7059)

Unsere koreanischen Partner sind:

Yongin Rhee, Samsungfire Insurance, Director ABC,
435-042 SamHwan-Kye-Ryong Apt. 839 Dong 702
Fax : 0505-164-5208
Tel: 02-777+4886

Yong-In Lee, Dr. Hong Seong Bang, C.P.O. Box 3663, Seoul, Korea

Tel.: 0082-31-566-3039 Fax: 0082-31-5518130

Co-Trainer Japan: Naoko Shimizu-May, Heike Trumpa

Co-Trainer VR China: Ziqiang Li, Xin Wang

Co-Trainer Korea: Key-Hyang Hong, Heike Trumpa, Tae-Hwa Chon

Co-Trainer Indien: Rajendra Pathak

Co-Trainer Thailand: Yongyost Chalanalamarn

Co-Trainer Taiwan: Mrs. Shing Lu

Co-Trainer Malaysia: Frau Zeisig (Botschaft Malaysia), Herr Lokman

Co-Trainer Singapur, Indonesien, projektabhängig

Partner in Indien:

About RecruitersPro - RecruitersPro is a Human Resource Consultancy Firm specializing in the Recruitment, Training, and Consulting areas. RecruitersPro is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

  1. Recruitment Search Services
  2. HR Consulting Services
  3. Market Research
  4. Corporate Trainings
  1. Technology
  2. Finance
  3. Legal
  4. Biotech and Pharma
  5. Automotive
Neeraj Gupta - Mr. Neeraj holds a Bachelors Degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and Masters Degree from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in Scientific Computing and Mathematics. Mr. Neeraj has delivered trainings on various HR and IPR issues to professional teams of various organizations. Mr. Gupta has got experience in Recruitment Consulting, IP Consulting, Business research, Business analytics and Portfolio analysis.

Asmita Sharma - Asmita comes from Mass Communication Background. Asmita is a Post Graduate in Print Media/Journalism from YMCA, New Delhi. Asmita has worked with Premier Mass communication organizations like The Times of India, The Pioneer and The Hindustan Times. She has got experience in HR Consulting, Senior Executive Search and Market Research.

Wir sind Mitglied in verschiedenen
deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammern wie die IHK Köln,
und AHK's in Asien (China, Japan, Korea, Indien)

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