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With almost 200 annual participants and 20 years of experience A'B'C' is one of the oldest, and most experienced companies offering recruiting services, cross cultural training and workshops, coaching and assessments for Korean and European firms. We are the only firm in Korea who offers this combination of three complementarily services.This differentiates us against other companies and highlights our unique selling proposition. Our goal is to respect and preserve prevailing cultural standards, codes and ways of thinking and to impart knowledge and skills to our participants, This, enables them to act professionally and successfully in their host countries.

Pre-departure preparation and inhouse training

Subjects and topics:

The training clarifies patterns of social and cultural thought, behavior and national mind-sets in Korea, Germany or other host countries, where expatriates and their spouses work. Our trainings also will yield benefits in their everyday social lives and nearly all other areas. Thus, the participants are able to reoriente themselves in their local culture enabling them to:
  • Identify and adopt local customs in working and everyday life situations
  • Implement and successfully follow through with their intentions
  • Immediately recognize the danger of conflicts and to effectively solve them
  • Identify similarities and synergistic potentials and make use of both of them.
We can ease the shared anxiety of expatriates and their spouses by teaching them to manage the transition to a new country. This will help strengthen their private and professional lives as well as their relationship.


A'B'C' makes use of state-of-the-art training methods in accordance with the ESCP in Berlin. These methods include the culture contrastive method, story telling, case study work, analysis of the effects of cultural diversity on the way people do business (Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden Turner), video feedback, role-playing, tests and plays. Elements during the training are typically interactive sequences, where participants act by themselves.

For that purpose we use solution-oriented components that enable expatriates and their spouses to recall their (sometimes hidden) resources and to make use of them. A'B'C' keeps exercises ready to illustrate cultural differences and how to make them work to your advantage. We will teach you how to o harness these differences and use them as door opener. These solutions make the strange understandable, the complex comprehensible, the conflict visible and the unknown accessible.
The trainer takes the role of the servant! The trainee enters uncharted waters and acts as a problem solver.

With A'B'C' Trainings participants get:
  • A detailed cross cultural training with problem solving expertise
  • Experienced trainers who always know the home and host country
  • An individual A’B’C’ contact person
  • Access to important internet links in Korea and Germany
  • Follow-up online-care during the first six months
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